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Population Just under two million inhabitants
Capital city Ljubljana
Currency Slovenian tolar - SIT
GDP per capita 16.100 PPS (2000 data), which equals 71% of EU average. Slovenia is one of the most prosperous candidate countries for EU membership. The GDP of Slovenia is above Greece and close to that of Portugal.
Official language Slovene (slovenščina)
Head of State The President of the Republic represents Slovenia and is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces
Legislative bodies  The Republic of Slovenia is a Parliamentary democracy with the National Assembly (90 MPs) and the National Council (40 counsellors). The government, composed of Prime Minister and the cabinet, is the executive branch
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Ljubljana, which was founded as the Roman town of Emona, is rich in baroque architecture. Its inhabitants enjoy varied cultural life with numerous summer festivals stretching from early spring to late autumn. The 20,000-plus students who attend the University of Ljubljana keep the city young.

Adrenaline seekers should not miss the three-headed Mt Triglav (2864m; 9394ft), Slovenia's highest mountain. Early Slavs believed the mountain to be the home of a three-headed deity who ruled the sky, the earth and the underworld. Today, Triglav is prominently placed on the national flag and is one of the national symbols. Located in beautiful mountainous area under the peaks of the Alps are the Bled and Bohinj lakes.

Slovenia's short Adriatic coast hosts the cities of Koper and Piran. Koper is known for its large international port, and it was the capital of Istria under the Venetian Republic in the 15th and 16th centuries. Piran on the other hand, is everyone's favourite little town on the coast, a gem of Venetian Gothic architecture with narrow streets and bustling nightlife.

Lipica, located near the Italian border and world famous because of its Lipizzaner horses, is probably the world's oldest stud farm. This world centre of dressage was founded in 1580. The region of Kras (western Slovenia) where it is situated is also known for its caves. Over two million years, water has created a fantastic décor of stalactites and stalagmites in the 20 km of caves and underground passages in the famous Postojna Caves.

Slovenes are very keen on sports and have won Olympic medals in downhill skiing, rowing, shooting, kayaking and athletics. Their favourite leisure activity is downhill skiing in winter and hiking in summer as the country, about the size of Wales or Israel, is full of hills and mountains.

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